Bjørn Rostad

Banquet Shopping

Tools for wine merchants to sell wine online and improve sales with purchase flows optimized for mobile.

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Product Designer
iPhone, iPad and Web

Banquet partnered with the top wine merchants in America and built tools that makes it very easy and efficient to merchandise wine, sell online and make sure the inventory is always up to date.

For this project I got to work on multiple platforms and products simultanously. I started by designing prototypes in Principle of a modern shopping app and website that requires no authentication. Later I worked on a dashboard for managing inventory, a mobile-first website for quick checkout and a CMS that brings everything together.

We quickly realized through surveys and interviews that stores don‘t want another system to manage and update. We built a dashboard system that organizes a store‘s wine inventory intelligently with information pulled from Delectable. Products are automatically merchandised with tags, ratings, tasting notes, photos and more. There‘s no work involved for the merchant other than fulfilling orders.

Keeping stores updated on deliveries and shipment notifications is important. We integrated with Postmates for quick wine deliveries.

Customers can shop their favorite store and filter wines by type, price, rating and tags. Picking an amazing wine became a lot easier with the integration of Delectable‘s data.

Whole Foods 365 purchased a pile of iPads running Banquet to make it easier for customers to figure out which wine to buy as they were browing the wine aisles in their stores.

We designed and built a website with universal design across stores, optimized for page speeds and incoming clicks from search engines. It dramatically improved sales for retailers as the Banquet product pages outperformed their previous custom websites and Shopify themes.

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