Software for humans. Fish for dinner.

Bjørn Rostad

I design software in collaboration with product teams, and partner with developers to bring ideas to life. I’m based in San Francisco where I work at Dropbox.


Dropbox Professional 2020–
Dropbox Paper 2017–2019
Banquet eCommerce 2015–2016
Delectable Wine Scanner 2012–2015
Code & Theory 2012
Wheelz (known as Turo today) 2011
Screenshot of someone uploading a folder using Dropbox file requests

File requests

Request files from others and receive them in your Dropbox folder.

Screenshot of the branded sharing feature in Dropbox

Branded sharing

Include personal branding when sharing files with clients in Dropbox Professional.

Screenshot of the dark theme for Dropbox Paper

Dark mode in Dropbox Paper

A better reading and writing experience when the lights are out.

Menu showing how to get started in Dropbox Paper

Onboarding in Dropbox Paper

Helping individuals and teams fall in love with Dropbox Paper.

A storefront in Banquet on iPhone

Banquet Wine Shop

Software for independent wine stores to design a storefront and sell wine through apps.

Showcase of Delectable on Android's user interface

Delectable on Android

An app for sommeliers and wine experts to keep track of wine. Featured in Play Store as “Editor's Choice” in 2015.

Showcase of Delectable on iPhone's user interface

Delectable on iPhone

An app for sommeliers and wine experts to keep track of wine. Featured in App Store’s “Best New Apps” in 2014.